Applied AI Company bags $42m to reimagine regulated industries

Applied AI Company, a London-based AI technology company, has raised $42m in a seed funding round.

Healthcare + AI: New Possibilities and Potential

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IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

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Cameron Carlin: Applied AI and Data Science at City of Hope

Cameron Carlin is a Data Science Manager at City of Hope, a cancer research hospital in Southern California. His work focuses on transforming the data processing pipeline of research-focused machine learning into production-ready implementations. In his time at City of Hope, Cameron has led real-time deployments for predicting sepsis risk in Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) patients, 90-day prognostication, and surgical complication risk. After graduating from the University of San Francisco MSDS program, he worked at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, implementing deep learning techniques on electronic health records (EHR) from 10 years of Pediatric ICU episodes. He is well-versed in exploratory data analysis, statistical modeling, probability theory, and algorithm development. Cameron holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Statistics and Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master’s Degree in Data Science from the University of San Francisco.

Cameron will discuss his pathway from the USF MSDS program into the public non-profit healthcare space. The majority of the talk will focus on the work of the Applied AI and Data Science at City of Hope, including Clinical Decision Support, Research and Precision Medicine, and Business Operations. He will cover the scope, datasets, technologies, and projects that each of these groups is tasked with solving.

Applied AI Lessons Learned – Peter Norvig

Lessons Learned by Peter Norvig while working in Applied Artificial Intelligence